Excursion II: Hiking tour Lötschental

Departure: 07.15
Arrival: ca. 21.30 at the University of Zurich

Please assemble for your excursion 15 minutes before departure time. You will receive a lunchbag and some additional information on boarding the bus.

This guided excursion includes a walking tour to the mountain lakes and glaciers, with time to enjoy the alpine flora and perhaps even meet some ibex. As the tour will be leading high up the mountains, a good fitness level is required to participate. Furthermore, participants are asked to bring hiking boots (or other outdoor shoes), outdoor clothing and sun blocker. We will offer you three different hiking tours in the Lötschental.
Map (For a good quality with zoom function you have to download it on your desktop)

If you are an Alpine Ibex:
Lötschenpass 2690

Even in prehistoric times people wandered through the Lötsch Valley and across the pass of the same name - as attested to by finds from the Bronze Age and the Ice Age. Up until the Middle Ages the Lötsch Pass was an important connection between the Bernese Oberland and Valais. The spectacular panorama of the 4000-metre Valais peaks (especially of the Bietschhorn and Mischabel group) is a worthy reward for the difficult climb. The Lötschen Pass is situated in a region of considerable geological interest but also boasts a wealth of exceptional flora and fauna. We will take the cable car from Wiler to Lauchernalp (1900 meters above sealevel), then we follow the signs to the Lötschen Pass (2690 meters above sealevel). Following a break at the Lötschen Pass hut, we continue towards Kummenalp, until reaching Lauchernalp, where we will take the cable car down again.

Starting point: Wiler
Destination: Lötschenpasshütte
Technique/Difficulty: exigent
Fitness requirements: difficult
Distance: 12.3 km
Vertical metres: +778 m, -778 m
Total hiking time: 5h20
Restaurants and pubs: Lauchernalp, Lötschenpasshütte
Map (For a good quality with zoom function you have to download it on your desktop)

If you are an Alpine Marmot:
Valley high route Lötschental
Along the Trail of Stories and Legends you will find old Lötschen Valley legends written on ten tree trunks. The entire high route offers clear views of the Bietschhorn. We travel from Wiler to Lauchernalp by cable car. Signs for the Trail of Stories and Legends point to the highpoint, “Weritzstafel”. Here the trail drops slightly over the Telistafel to the Schwarzsee. We will enjoy a refreshing swim and a picnic amidst wonderful mountain scenery with views to the Bietschhorn before we continue on to the final destination of Fafleralp.

Starting point: Wiler
Destination: Fafleralp
Technique/Difficulty: medium
Fitness requirements: medium
Distance: 8.3 km
Vertical metres: +458 m, -640 m
Total hiking time: 3h30
Restaurants and pubs: Lauchernalp, Fafleralp
Map (For a good quality with zoom function you have to download it on your desktop)

If you are a Ranunculus Glacialis
Through the wildly romantic upper Lötschental to the Anen hut
Glacier-capped mountain summits, natural brooks that gurgle down from all directions into the valley below, tiny mountain lakes with crystal clear water and succulent alpine meadows spattered with a large diversity of flowers are just some of the sights to behold. As the main river in the valley, the Lonza carries particularly large volumes of water on hot summer days. Ice melting on the Langgletscher (Lang glacier) is sufficient to cause the river to swell mightily and turn into a spectacular torrent.
First we will stroll through the different stages of vegetation from the head of the Fafleralp to the glacier mouth of the Lang Glacier. After crossing the Lonza bridge we follow a prominent moraine above the Lang Glacier, which affords a birds-eye view of the glacier itself. After a break at the Anen hut we will descend through a forest of young larches and across alpine meadows directly to the Anen Creek bridge, then passing the beautiful Lake Guggi back to the Fafleralp.

Starting point: Fafleralp
Destination: Anen hut - Fafleralp
Technique/Difficulty: easy/medium
Fitness requirements: easy/medium
Distance: 11 km
Vertical metres: +646 m, -646 m
Total hiking time: 4h00
Restaurants and pubs: Fafleralp, Anenhütte
Map (For a good quality with zoom function you have to download it on your desktop)


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