Presentation Formats

Plenary Sessions
As customary at Saga Conferences there will be one 45-minute plenary lecture per day, given by an invited speaker.

Papers will be presented in 30-minute timeslots (20 minutes for the presentation, 10 minutes for discussion), in parallel sessions organized by thematic strand.

The conference committee is organising roundtable discussions on themes relevant to ‘Sagas and Space’, but we also warmly welcome roundtable proposals from participants. Please contact us if you wish to propose a roundtable.

The poster session is intended for work (including, but not limited to, projects) that lends itself well to visual presentation -- with accompanying explanation and discussion during the poster session.
Posters will have special, non-parallel sessions dedicated to them and remain on display throughout the conference.

Project Presentations
The project presentation is a new format that we hope will meet with an enthusiastic reception.
The project presentations are meant as a forum for projects (including planned projects and work-in-progress), where the accent is less on arguing for a position, as in the papers given in the thematic strands, and more on the presentation of material and discussion of possible approaches, open questions, etc.


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