Excursion IV: Lucerne and Lake Lucerne

Departure: 08.00
Arrival: ca. 18.00 at the University of Zurich

Please assemble for your excursion 15 minutes before departure time. You will receive a lunchbag and some additional information on boarding the bus.

This excursion visits the beautiful city of Lucerne, situated in the heart of Switzerland. In the morning there will be a guided walking tour around the city which takes about 90 minutes. We will visit the lion monument, the beautiful old town and its city walls and cross the famous Kappelbrücke. We will also visit the glacier garden park and museum with its glacial potholes of impressive proportions and its tantalizing mirror maze. Afterwards you will have enough time to enjoy your lunch break or for some souvenir shopping before the leisurely lake cruise in the afternoon. Please bring sturdy but comfortable footwear and sunscreen or umbrellas/waterproof jackets, depending on the weather.


University of Zurich
Deutsches Seminar
Abt. für Nordische Philologie
Schönberggasse 9
8001 Zurich

University of Basel
Seminar für Nordistik
Nadelberg 6
4051 Basel



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