Excursion I: Reichenau - Konstanz - Sankt Gallen

Departure: 07.45
Arrival: ca. 20.00 at the University of Zurich

Please assemble for your excursion 15 minutes before departure time. You will receive a lunchbag and some additional information on boarding the bus.

This excursion includes a trip to the monastery island of Reichenau in Lake Constance (part of UNESCO World Heritage), where we will pay a visit to the churches of St. Georg and St. Peter and Paul. In the City of Constance, you will have the opportunity to wander off and explore the city and its many sights – Cathedral, Konzil edifice, Jan Hus house etc. - on your own. In St. Gall we will visit the Stiftsbibliothek (abbey library) and the Cathedral, both of which are also part of UNESCO World Heritage. You will have the opportunity to see the manuscripts on display in the current exhibition but we will also be admitted to the Reading Room in small groups to examine so-called dry point glosses. Finally, there will be a guided tour around the Maestrani chocolate factory in the nearby village of Flawil.

Because of the huge demand and the limited space at the Abbey Library in St. Gall, the excursion will be divided into three groups, each group containing 50 delegates.

Each group will travel in a separate bus and the running order is as follows:

Bus 1: St. Gallen–Konstanz–Reichenau

Bus 2: Reichenau–Konstanz–St. Gallen

Bus 3: Konstanz–Reichenau–St. Gallen


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